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Santa Barbara Parks

General Park Information

Visitors find in each of our parks a distinctive spirit that may stimulate or soothe, but is sure to satisfy. Cool redwood groves, wide open lawns for recreation, the picturesque Pacific, and two of California’s most sought-after campgrounds. The assortment of landscapes and things to do is rather astounding. And then, of course, there is the option of kicking back and doing nothing at all.

The Santa Barbara County Park Department maintains more than 900 acres of parks and open spaces, 84 miles of trails and coastal access easements, and the grounds surrounding county buildings. Park rangers or hosts reside in every major park to provide public assistance and supervise the grounds.

Over 6 million people a year enjoy the amenities of Santa Barbara County Parks. We hope you are one of them.


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Santa Barbara Parks
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Santa Barbara Parks
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Santa Barbara Parks
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